Sassy South Jewelry

March 2012

Increase Your Sales.Have a Jewelry Trunk Show!

Donít Let Money Walk Out Your Door!

Team up with Sassy South to host a Trunk Show at your store. We will send you our best sellers to make sure your Trunk Show is a huge success.

 We offer three different packages to choose from:

A)†† 1,000/600 - receive $1,000 in jewelry and keep at least $600

B)†† 500/300 - receive $500 in jewelry and keep at least $300

C)†† 300/200 - receive $300 in jewelry and keep at least $200

 Make sure to call Tamisha at 877-727-7900, and get your Trunk Show scheduled in time for Prom Season!

Most every customer that buys a special occasion dress will buy jewelry to go with the dress.It is up to you to make the sale or let the money walk out your door.Your customer is going to buy the jewelry from somebody.It is your choice whether she buys it from you or from somebody else.

Featured Items:


(available in multiple colors)


(available in multiple colors)


(available in multiple colors)


(available in multiple colors)


(available in multiple colors)


(available in multiple colors)


(available in multiple colors)


(available in multiple colors)


(available in multiple colors)

Donít have time to order? No problem!

Order a Prom Package today and get our best sellers and a great discount!

Receive $550 worth of merchandise for only $500 or $1,200 worth of merchandise for only $1,000!